Thursday, December 28, 2006
2006 Clifton Park Babe Ruth World Series

Hello Andrew:

I wanted to write a message to you, and hopefully Goose Gossage, to thank you for arranging his visit to the 2006 Babe Ruth World Series we hosted here in Clifton Park, NY this past August.  I had the personal pleasure of spending much time with Goose and had the opportunity to talk baseball with him as well as personally observe his charitable side in speaking with several people with disabilities while telling them to "hang in there."


His speech to roughly 1,900 people at our Banquet of Champions was a tremendous success and he certainly was the centerpiece of our event.  His talk hit right home to young and old alike as he related that much of what he learned in life he learned through baseball.  Hard work, good grades and teamwork were his main theme to the young people in attendance and no matter what sport they chose, it would provide much of the foundation for their future.


Goose was extremely patient during a long signature session and made a point to speak individually with each player and fan of our World Series.  He is definitely a player who respects the game of baseball and is thankful for the all the opportunities he experienced and continues to provide him.  We found him to be extremely flexible with our program and would love to have him back with us again!


In this era of professional players making news for all the wrong reasons, Goose Gossage is truly a great Yankee and even more so a truly great person.  I heartily recommend this man for any event to speak and greet the public.


Thank You,


Bill Butler

Host President

2006 Clifton Park Babe Ruth World Series Commitee, Inc.

P.O. Box 1001

Clifton Park, NY 12065